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1. A maximum of (5) five fixed reference points: Points of attachment shall not be considered reference points. A line running vertically from its top attachment in the pin guard to its bottom attachment in the pin guard would be legal. Sighting reference points, string peep (with or without a lens) and/or kisser button may not be moved during a round. Scopes, clickers and draw checks are not allowed. A round or oval housing around the points of reference is not considered a scope as long as no lens is used. No additional pin guard may be used. A sight pin consisting of a housing with a hole through it, that does not contain a fixed reference point within the hole, is not allowed.

2. Release aids will be permitted. In the case of physical disability of the arms or hands, a chew strap may be used in place of fingers or release aids.

3. A pinguard mounted on the sight, and a level mounted anywhere will be legal in this style of shooting, provided that there are no additional marks or blemishes on either of these items that could be used for sighting.

4. A string of suitable material with a center serving and end servings of the same or different color than the string may be used. One consistent nocking point only is permitted. Nocking point locators shall not extend more than ½ inch above or below the arrow nock when at full draw. Brush buttons and string silencers properly attached will be legal.

5. One anchor point only is permitted.

6. All arrows shall be identical in size, length, weight, and fletching with allowances for wear and tear.

7. Brush buttons, string silencer, positioned no closer than midway between the nocking point and where the string touches the wheel/cam, and bow quiver installed on the opposite side of the sight window, with no part of the quiver or attachments visible in the sight window are legal. One straight stabilizer, coupling device included if used, which cannot exceed 12 inches at any time, as measured from the back of the bow, V-bar, counterbalance and string dampeners may be used.

8. An archer will not be permitted to change the draw weight of the bow during a round.

9. During a round no adjustments may be made to the bow and its related equipment unless equipment failure is recognized.

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