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Crossbows must be in sound working condition with a functioning safety and maintained in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. No replacement or alteration of a manufacturer’s trigger assembly or safety mechanism shall be allowed. Scopes up to 6x power may be used and may be equipped with lines or mill dots, but no light or image may be projected and there may be no range finding capability. Except as may be required due to an approved medical exemption, crossbows may only be shot in a standing position and the use of any device or outside agency including quivers, added foregrips, brackets, slings, hooked butt-plates, palm rests, stabilizer bars, rails, supports, prop stick(s) or any device that adds weight or allows the mass weight of the bow to be relieved from either arm or to steady the bow is prohibited; unless specified next.  Use of a manufacturer’s cocking/cranking device, one level, and one manufacture’s stirrup, weight(s) no larger than 2” in diameter and no more than 4” in combined totaled length and one set of limb vibration dampening devices shall be permitted if safely attached and not affecting the safe functioning of the crossbow. If a cocking/cranking device is attached to the bow, it must be utilized as the method of cocking the crossbow. Use of the forward elbow against the ribcage or side is permitted. Bolts/arrows must be identical in size and weight with a minimum of three (3) vanes with a maximum outer diameter of .366”/9.3mm. Crossbows may be cocked while at the on deck position and loaded only when the shooter is at the stake.  When loaded it must always remain pointed down range. 

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